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The INFACT International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment is the first and only training for sugar/food dependency counseling and treatment, which meets qualifications as a Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) from the European Certification Board (ECB), and is now an U.S. National Certificate from the Addiction Professional Certification Board

How To Help Your Clients Or Patients Overcome Food Addiction

Our cutting-edge educational program includes proven therapeutic techniques designed to teach you how to help your clients or patients overcome their food addiction and live happy, productive lives.

Take the next step to help your clients and yourself live a brand new life.

Is My Client/Patient A Food Addict??

Genetics and lifestyle factors may indicate something akin to food addiction for a tiny percentage of the population. True food addiction can be defined as “clinically significant physical and psychological dependence on high fat, high sugar, and highly palatable foods.” This means addictive eating behavior. This is not the same as binge eating or binge eating disorder though it shares some similarities and maybe a more extreme form of binge eating disorder.


At the heart of recovery is self-acceptance. That is, guiding your client/patient in truly knowing their worth, adequacy, deservedness, belonging, and lovableness as a human being. Willingness is another critical component. That is, the willingness to experience (and cope effectively with) painful feelings in service of a bigger life. At the INFACT School, we will provide you with proven therapeutic techniques to guide your client/patient in living a happy, productive life free from the obsession with food.

Overcoming Food & Sugar Addiction

Increasing Pleasure in “Food Addiction Recovery”

The INFACT School’s program will provide insight into food addiction and the ability to pass this information on to your clients or patients. Many of our alums tell us that they have been able to help those clients or patients they once thought were beyond hope and that they, themselves, have experienced improved eating habits and behaviors.

One of the most critical factors to address in food addiction is a pleasure. In reality, highly processed foods are easy to overindulge in for anyone. Highly palatable foods increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, which is highly rewarding and pleasurable and perpetuates the cycle. This process can become compulsive when this is the only source of pleasure in one’s life. Further, as the behavior increases, the number of dopamine receptors in the brain may decrease, leading to more frequent seeking out highly rewarding foods.



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