THE NEXT 7 MONTH INFACT School Training and Seminar Begins SEPTEMBER 8th, 2023, through March 2024.

170 hours and become a Certified Food Addiction Professional.
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  • Examination and Assignments on the Core Functions of Food Addiction Treatment from the Infact School Manual. The manual is set up electronically on the Infact School Student Platform.
  • Participation in Treatment I and II (Courses on treatment guidelines).
  • Participation in a study group (suggested that the group meet regularly throughout the seminar).
  • A Project Presentation (estimated 30 minutes per student).
  • Attendance negotiable.


  • (70 Hours) The Infact School Manual; 12 criteria for food addiction counseling and treatment.
  • (28 Hours) Treatment Module l:  Assessment and Intake, Education on the Disease and Planning Abstinence.
  • (32 Hours) Treatment Module II – Treatment for Food Addiction.  Addressing the denial, emotions, trauma, and recovery plans of action.
  • (10 Hours) The Science of Food Addictions.  Addictions as a brain disease.
  • (4 Hours) Preparation for Practicing as a Certified Food Addiction Professional.
  • (6 Hours) Ethics.
  • (20 Hours) Student groups
  • Project Presentation pending on Student numbers project presentations.

Material online:
The Infact School Core Functions Manual.
The Infact School outpatient treatment guidelines.
Food plan material from Theresa Wright, Acorn, and Infact.
Denial and Treatment Outcomes by Phil Werdell.
Material on 12-step therapeutic approach for professionals.
A Guide to Eating-disorders Recovery by Marty Lerner; download from the webpage:

Other books recommended available on
The Addictive Personality by Craig Nakken.
Food Junkies by Vera Tarman.
Addictive Thinking by Abraham J. Twerski, MD.
The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Acorn; a Model for Recovery by Phil Werdell.
Treating Food Addiction; Book 1 by Phil Werdell.
Food Plans for Food Addiction Recovery by Phil Werdell.
Inventorying Food Slips by Phil Werdell.
Bariatric Surgery and Food Addiction by Phil Werdell.

The training begins Friday, September 08, and Saturday, September 09.
Lectures and training sessions will be held the following Fridays and Saturdays, 10 am-2 pm US EST;  Syllabus coming soon!

Preparation before the beginning of the course:
Reading material:  Addictive Personalities by Craig Nakken, Food Junkies by Vera Tarman, and Addictive Thinking by Abraham J. Twerski MD.

Registered attendees will receive updates and specific details on curriculum, dates, times and online venue.