The 7-month Food Addiction Professional Certification Course from The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment is the only professional training that addresses sugar and food addiction counseling and treatment with a recognized International Professional Certification from an accredited certification body. Included in tuition is

170 hours of online virtual teaching sessions

Access to the student platform

Lectures, teaching manual and additional courseware

Food Addiction Professional Certificate (FAP) from the European Certification Board.

Graduates qualify to receive an International Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and now, for US Citizens a CFAP certificate from the USA: Addiction Professional Certification Board.

What Clinical Supervision is provided in the INFACT Training?

Clinical supervision is an important part of counselors’ professional advancement and the development of counseling proficiency. As such, it’s an essential component for ensuring high-quality patient care. The main goals of clinical supervision are to train, educate, support, and guidance counselors. Newer counselors need to have clinical supervisors they can count on for mentoring, leadership,…

What subject matter is addressed in the INFACT Food Addiction Professional Certification Course?

Subject matter addressed includes; basic knowledge of substance and process addictions, specifically overeating and food abuse and dependency; clinical intake, screening, assessment, and individualized treatment planning; professionally recognized counseling theories & techniques; understanding of abstinence programs, trauma & crisis intervention, overeating prevention, education and relapse prevention; 12 step-recovery, codependency and the family; ethics; and biology…

Is 12 step recovery mandatory?

When we ask for 12-step knowledge in the application process, it is not mandatory knowledge. We are asking if you have the knowledge personally and/or professionally. We are referencing the standard 12 steps in the addiction model. The INFACT School teaches the basics of treatment for food as a substance use disorder, and we explore…