Answering frequently asked questions about purchasing INFACT courses and registration for INFACT trainings

What are the necessary tools for participation in the INFACT School?

1.English proficiency 2. Stable Internet connection 3. Hardware: Recent computer desktop or laptop, headphones recommended for privacy and clarity of audio, and microphone is recommended. 4. Software: computer should be equipped with audio, video, email, ability to download and upload files, create presentations and documents, zoom and other online collaborative communication capability.

What are the requirements for admission to the International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT School)?

The ECB has entrusted INFACT to assess and approve applicants for admission to the course, ensuring that each candidate meets the following ECB requirements. In addition to submitting the online Registration Form, please submit the following items to complete your application: 1. written summary of your education and work training history, qualifications, and specializations; 2.…

What is included in the INFACT curriculum?

The INFACT curriculum includes first-hand, experiential training tailored to further students’ understanding of Sugar/Food Addiction and the counseling/treatment methods necessary to treat various eating disorders as an addiction effectively. This credentialing and certification process has provided much-needed standardization of the rapidly evolving professional standards of Sugar/Food Addiction counseling and treatment. Courses Bundled in the Certification…