Dr Vera Tarman, MD, M.Sc. FCFP, ABAM, Canada.

Dr Vera Tarman has been working in the field of addiction medicine for over 20 years. She received her certification in addiction medicine (ABAM) in 2004. She has been the medical director of Renascent, one of Canada’s largest residential treatment centres,  since 2006. Currently,  she is overseeing their unique food addiction inpatient / outpatient program, and has treated hundreds of food addicts. Dr Tarman speaks internationally on various issues in addiction medicine, but her favourite topic is about food addiction. She  has done multiple workshops,  lectures, podcasts, media including hosting several call-in TV shows and blogs.  She is the author of Food Junkies (second edition): Recovery from Food Addiction (2019).

Dr Tarman is a great supporter of INFACT. This course provides the necessary scientific and clinical research to create a universal professional platform designed for food addicts. She is herself a food addict in recovery, having sustained a weight loss of 100 pounds for more than ten years.  You can find more information about her on AddictionsUnplugged.com.

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