Karla Osborne

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (in Canada),

INFACT Certified Food Addiction Professional,

Certified Trauma Professional


Karla is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (in Canada) specializing in the treatment of food addiction. Having begun her journey in food addiction recovery with INFACT, she currently works as a group facilitator, educator, counsellor and recovery coach for SHiFT Recovery by Acorn (foodaddiction.com).


Karla has been working with people in a variety of contexts and capacities since 2007. Her breadth of personal and professional experience is an asset to clients as she incorporates her understanding of addiction, human growth and development, trauma, mind-body connection (somatics) and relationships (codependency recovery) in her work. Karla’s honest, calm and compassionate style is often reassuring to clients as she supports their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental recovery from food addiction.


Ph.D. Director of Milestone in Recovery, USA.

Southeastern University, Dr. Lerner is a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist who

M.A. Program Director of Acorn Professional Training

Dir ector, ACORN Food Addiction Professional Training Program