Vanessa is a counselor specializing in food addiction based in Sydney. A decade ago, she hit bottom with her lifelong struggle with food addiction and binge eating. On her path to recovery, she’s explored a vast range of therapies, food plans, self-help groups, books, and programs and traveled to healing retreats around the globe. Her experience inspired her to become a therapist to help others suffering from distress around food and eating. She’s a passionate speaker on food addiction and draws on a global network of food addiction experts to share the latest knowledge and research on the topic. Vanessa is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a SANE AUSTRALIA peer ambassador.
The best thing about INFACT is that I am well connected with a global network of food addiction professionals (and food addict peers). It can be lonely in a world where food addiction is not yet recognized as a category of addiction among practitioners. I’ve been able to refer some international inquiries through my website to colleagues in the United States and Canada.