Event Start Date:
September 8, 2023
Event End Date:
May 1, 2024
Event Venue:
Virtual All Online Seminar and Training

The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment

Learn from the Experts!

Welcome to INFACT – the world’s first and only training for sugar/food abuse and dependency counseling and treatment, resulting in International Professional Certification from an accredited certification body.

Graduates qualify to receive an International Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and a CFAP certificate from the USA: Addiction Professional Certification Board for citizensAddiction Professional Certification Board.

Tuition for the Infact School training is US $ 4.500.-. This price includes 170 hours of online virtual teaching sessions, access to the student platform that includes lectures, the teaching manual, and other material, and the cost of the first Food Addiction Professional Certificate (CFAP) from the European Certification Board.
We offer a 20% discount if registered and paid by July 2023 and a 10% discount if registered and paid by September 3rd, 2023.
We offer payment plans for as low as US $ 350.- per month; please get in touch with us for further information.
Payment options:
Payment in full:
Pay Pal .me: Debit/Credit
Money/Bank Transfer:
Payment plan: Up to 12 monthly payments:  US$ 375 per month.

The new setup:
IN101:  A 7-month, seminar on Introduction to Food Addiction Science, Assessment and Validated Treatment Methods, to become on completion a “Certified Food Addiction Professional.”.

  • IN101: Dates for 2023-24 are coming soon.
  • Professionals applying the Big Book: 2023:  50 hours of recorded material to study on your own time followed an online virtual session with an instructor Dr. Guttorm Toverud.
  • Certification Ceremony, February, 2024.


The INFACT School course description: 

Infact 2022-23 term requirements, syllabus, dates and times – INFACT