Event Start Date:
January 16, 2023
Event End Date:
December 31, 2023
Event Venue:
Virtual All Online Seminar and Training


Circa 50-hour course on the therapeutic use of the 12 steps as presented in the Big Book of  Alcoholics Anonymous.
This course can be done separately and begun at any time and is included in the INFACT

Food Addiction Professional Training Program term beginning on September 8th. 2023.


Three Zoom meetings on specific dates (circa 60 minutes each which are mandatory) followed by the release of video lectures to view at your leisure (circa 50 hours in total), concluding with a fourth Zoom meeting on a specific date for summarization.

There are two meeting times available for each meeting; one for North America and one for Europe.

The initial Zoom meeting is designed to introduce the course and the presenter and allow each participant to introduce themselves. Those attending this mandatory meeting will be sent the first set of lecture videos, that will be available for unlimited viewing until the second mandatory meeting.

At the second and third mandatory Zoom meetings, each participant will be asked to share thoughts and reflections regarding the video lectures viewed so far. After each Zoom meeting, the next set of lecture videos will be available for unlimited viewing.

The fourth and final mandatory meeting will allow each participant to share their experience of taking the course and for discuss and questions.

Due to the course format, discussion questions will only be addressed at the fourth and final Zoom meeting. However, clarification questions will be addressed at the second and third Zoom meetings.

Those unable to attend the mandatory Zoom meetings on the specified dates can arrange for alternate dates as an exception. However, sharing communally will enhance each participant’s experience beyond just hearing the lectures and having a private session for thoughts and reflections.

$500 for one participant.
$750 for two participants from the same organization.
$1000 for three, four, or five participants from the same organization.

Group rates for more than five participants from the same organization are available.

Each participant must have a copy of the 4th edition of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Older editions are appropriate.


Professionals Applying The Big BookWhat the students say:
Eva Clemente MD- The course has given me the tools and understanding to support my clients and patients in their recovery journey with a more profound knowledge of the 12 steps and their backgrounds. You need to understand the Big Book if you want to help your patients with any addiction treatment. You will need more than the 12 steps to give you the more profound understanding the course provides.

Mary Foushi Program Director- I became aware of statements and words more profound than I had experienced over the last 36 years of study.  I’ve had some great teachers over the years; however, this was even deeper and more insightful. Don’t let preconceived notions or previous learning experiences with the BB deter you from experiencing a new approach.  It will blow your mind.

Julia Soprani, Certified Food Addiction Professional-  I had never really understood the teachings of the Big Book until now, thanks to Guttorm Toverud’s strategic way of explaining the content. How he laded everything out with such passion and simplicity, depicting a clear picture thru which a person can gain recovery, was excellent. I would say that with Guttorm’s teaching, you will reconsider the 12 steps utterly new way.

Calen B. Certified Food Addiction Professional- This course explains a complicated model clearly and concisely.  Guttorm does make the Big Book Come Alive. My understanding of the Big Book changed considerably…. that it could be used as a treatment model on its own. This course revolutionized the way I see the usefulness of 12-Step Counselling.

Kate Hensley, Certified Food Addiction Professional – this course was so in-depth that I have a better grasp of how the program works. I can see how I can apply the 12-step program to any addiction and anticipate that it will help me better serve my clients professionally. This course takes you way beyond what you think you know.

Anonymous- Be prepared to be wowed! I found the way Guttorm explained it was revolutionary. I had many epiphanies for myself and how I can use this with clients. It’s a fantastic course; the way it all pulls together comes into play in the later stages when you have fully digested the information. Dr. Torverud is profoundly knowledgeable, and each lesson was a show-stopper. I was at the edge of my seat most of the time, waiting for the next wow moment, explained in glorious technicolor, which was at the epicenter of it all.

The course description:
This workshop thoroughly presents the 12-Step program as a problem-solving formula for treating various substance and behavioral addictions. The 12-Step program will be presented as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, starting with the preface written in 1939 through the final instructions. This book, also known as The Big Book, is one of the hundred most-published non-fiction books in the world and has now surpassed 50 million copies.

The workshop centers on the “context steps,” the “action steps,” and the “Fourth Dimension of Life,” demonstrating how professional counselors can increase their understanding of the 12-Step program and the use of 12-Step fellowships as a resource. The workshop format is based on Recovery Dynamics, a manual-based treatment program using The Big Book as the foundation for treatment.

Dr. Guttorm Toverud presents this workshop. He has conducted these workshops for 30 years in both Norway and Sweden. More than 10,000 people have now participated. He is a specialist in using the 12-Step model for treating substance and behavioral addictions, allowing addicted individuals to learn how to live on life’s terms.

Guttorm Toverud has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education with a specialty in addictions and a Master’s degree in Agency Counseling with an emphasis in addictions, both from the USA.  Although residing in America, he works in Scandinavia, helping clinics and public service providers establish and run 12-Step-based treatment. He also provides clinical and programmatic supervision. With a psychiatrist, he developed a model for early intervention entitled “Arriving too late… as early as possible.”

Welcome to an exciting and meaningful workshop that will enrich you professionally and personally.