The INFACT curriculum includes first-hand, experiential training tailored to further students’ understanding of Sugar/Food Addiction and the counseling/treatment methods necessary to treat various eating disorders as an addiction effectively. This credentialing and certification process has provided much-needed standardization of the rapidly evolving professional standards of Sugar/Food Addiction counseling and treatment.

Courses Bundled in the Certification Curriculum:

  1. Certified Food Addiction Professional Training Primary Course
  2. Treatment 1 Practicum
  3. Treatment II Practicum
  4. Professionals Applying The Big Book

The 7-month Food Addiction Professional Certification Course from The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment is the only professional training that addresses sugar and food addiction counseling and treatment with a recognized International Professional Certification from an accredited certification body.

Included in curriculum is

170 hours of online virtual teaching sessions covering

Access to the student platform

Lectures, teaching manual and additional courseware


  • (70 Hours) The INFACT School Manual; 12 criteria for food addiction counseling and treatment.
  • (28 Hours) Treatment Module l:  Assessment and Intake, Education on the Disease and Planning Abstinence.
  • (32 Hours) Treatment Module II – Treatment for Food Addiction.  Addressing the denial, emotions, trauma, and recovery plans of action.
  • (10 Hours) The Science of Food Addictions.  Addictions as a brain disease.
  • (4 Hours) Preparation for Practicing as a Certified Food Addiction Professional.
  • (6 Hours) Ethics.
  • (20 Hours) Student groups
  • (TBD Hours) Project Presentations based on Student size

Graduates qualify to receive an International Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and now, for US Citizens a CFAP certificate from the USA: Addiction Professional Certification Board.