Philip Werdell, M.A. Director, ACORN Food Addiction Institute, USA.
Director,  ACORN Food Addiction Professional Training Program
Philip Werdell, M.A. Throughout his career, Phil has worked professionally with over 4000 middle and late-stage food addicts. He is a graduate of Yale University with postgraduate work in food addiction. He comes from a 25-year career building innovative liberal arts and graduate programs.
As a food addict professional, Phil was lead counselor for the residential food addiction treatment program at Glenbeigh Psychiatric Hospital of Tampa and the outpatient program of Rader Institute of Washington. He is cofounder of ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services and the Food Addiction Institute, an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to support the healing of all food addicts.
Phil is the author of dozens of articles and books including, Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction (w. Dr. Tarman), Food Addiction: Beyond Ordinary Eating Disorders; Physical Craving and Food Addiction: A Review of the Science; Food Addiction Recovery: A New Model of Professional Support; Bariatric Surgery and Food Addiction: Preoperative Considerations.

Marty Lerner, Ph.D. USA.
Dr. Lerner is the founder and CEO of the Milestones in Recovery’s Eating Disorder Program located in Cooper City, Florida. A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Lerner is a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders since 1980. He has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs that include The NPR Report, 20/20, Discovery Health, and ABC’s Nightline as well authored several publications related to eating disorders in the professional literature, national magazines, and newspapers including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Miami Herald, Orlando and Hollywood Sun Sentinels. An active member of the professional community here in South Florida since finishing his training, Dr. Lerner makes his home in Davie with his wife Michele and daughters Janelle and Danielle and their dog, Reggie.
Professional Memberships:
– American Psychological Association [APA]
– Florida Psychological Association [FPA]
– National Eating Disorders Association [NEDA]
– National Association for Anorexia and Associated Disorders [ANAD]
– Binge Eating Disorders Association [BEDA]
– National Association for Anorexia and Bulimia [ABA]
– Florida Medical Professional Group [FMPG]
– National Association of Cognitive Therapists
– International Association of Eating Disorder Therapists [IADEP]
Prior and Current Affiliations:
– Founder and director of Pathways Eating Disorders Program [1987-1994]
– Clinical Director, Eating Disorders Unit at Glenbeigh Hospital, Miami, Fla. [1988-1990]
– Clinical Director, Eating Disorders Unit at Humana Hospital Biscayne, Miami, Fla. [1982-1987]
– Founder and CEO, Milestones In Recovery’s Eating Disorders Program, Cooper City, Fla. [1999- current]
– Florida Physicians Resource Network [2005-current]

Dr. Vera Tarman MD, M.Sc, FCFP, CASAM, ABAM Diplomate. Canada.
Dr. Vera Tarman has been working in the field of addiction medicine since 1994. She became accredited with the Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) in 2004. She has been the medical director of Renascent since 2006. She is a regular contributor to the call-in TV show Living Clean, Living Well and was cohost on Addictions Unplugged, a community call-in show about addictions.
Although she has spoken on various issues in addiction, her special interest is in the area of food addiction. She is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction. Dr Tarman has found working at Renascent extremely rewarding, mainly because of its support of an abstinence model of care and its acceptance that the spiritual, as well as medical and psychological dimensions are important for recovery. Dr Tarman and Renascent believe that good care involves treating addiction and fostering a lifelong recovery life plan based on community and peer support. The power is ours!

Bitten Jonsson, R.N., Addiction Specialist, ADDIS/SUGAR Certified, is a forerunner in this field in Sweden and international lecturer and been on TV and Radio in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Bitten is trained in USA and has worked with all addictions but the last 23 years with sugar/foodaddiction, and using Integrated Functional Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine together with American Addiction Medicine and Traditional Medicine in a Holistic Addiction Medicine model, She wrote Sockerbomben (Sugarbomb) in 2004 and revised it 2010 and now 2016 .The Sugar Free Cookbook was published 2006 and she is now writing a new cookbook coming 2017. The first book Sugarbomb is very well received and is published in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Bitten Jonsson is a member of NAATP; National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers in USA, NAADAC USA, and FAI, USA Food Addiction Institute.


H. Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN, is the founder and Director of Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
As nutrition therapist, registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist, Theresa has worked with people struggling with compulsive eating, obesity, eating disorders, weight loss and food addiction and helped them deal sanely and effectively with their food, eating, and body weight issues for more than 36 years.
She is most acclaimed for her individual and global success with thousands of clients who have improved their lives after working with her to create and maintain successful eating and recovery programs, often in consultation with their own physicians, therapists and other health-care professionals. Under her direction, Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. was developed to provide programs and services to help people develop the skills, tools and lifestyle changes that lead to freedom from self-destructive food behaviors. These programs include both in-person and virtual seminars and workshops which encourage a sane approach to eating and living.
Theresa holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nutrition Science from Drexel University and continues to be a formal presenter at many regional and national conferences, treatment facilities and professional organizations.
In 2013, Today’s Dietitian magazine named Theresa one of “10 Incredible Registered Dietitians Who Are Making a Difference” in its annual showcase.
Her published works include: Food and Addiction: A Comprehensive Handbook a book by Kelly D. Brownell and Mark S. Gold (Oxford University Press) for which she authored a chapter and the three-part cookbook series titled Delicious Recovery and Your Personal Food Plan Guide. A publisher is pending for her newest book, The Sane Food Solution.
The Third Edition of Overeaters Anonymous, published by the twelve step organization, includes special pages authored by Theresa because of her expertise and work with those with eating disorders. Theresa also serves as a Committee Member of Behavioral Health Nutrition, a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and on the Board of Directors of the Food Addition Institute.

Mary Foushi Cofounder and Executive Director, ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services, USA.
Mary holds a degree in Human Services with a specialty in Addiction Studies. She is a food addict with over 27 years of stable recovery and is maintaining a 200-pound weight loss for over 25 years.
Her strong commitment to recovery and her ability to honestly relate her personal struggles and successes with food addiction offer an invaluable source of information and hope for those seeking to learn about food dependency and freedom from a life addicted to food. He has helped thousands of food addicts understand and implement the Twelve Steps into their personal recovery.
Mary is a CENAPS Trained Relapse Prevention Specialist, a certified food addiction professional, facilitates groups, workshops, and Primary Intensives throughout the United States and abroad. Mary is coauthor of Food Addiction Recovery: A New Model of Professional Support – The ACORN Primary Intensive.

Esther Helga Guðmundsdóttir MSc. Master of Managing Healthservices from Iceland.
IC&RC Certified in Addiction Counseling, Clinical Supervision and FAI/ACORN Food Addiction Counseling.
Speciality: Sugar/Foodaddiction/Eating Disorders/Codependency/Other Addictions; Love, Work, Debting.
Cinical Hypnotherapist Dip.CH., CPTF, ST Cert.
Traumabased Regression and Partstherapy for Addictions, Trauma, Stress and Anxiety.
INFACT (International Food Abuse Training), director.
The MFM Center; Founder and director: Treatment Center for Sugar/Foodabuse.
Matarheill (Rightsmovement for Foodaddiction Recovery in Iceland); Chair.
FAI (Food Addiction Institute); Board Member
Tel: +354-568-3868/+354-699-2676
Sidumuli 33, 108, Reykjavik
http://www.mfm.is  https://www.infact.is