Food Addiction Professional Training Program

The Infact School Primary Course for Certification as a Food Addiction Professional

Register for the Primary Course THE INFACT PRIMARY COURSE The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment Learn from the Experts! Welcome to the INFACT School – the world’s first and only training for sugar/food addiction counseling and treatment, which results in International Professional Certification from an accredited certification body. Graduates qualify to receive…

Introduction to the Food Addiction Professional Training (INFACT)

Introduction To The Food Addiction Professional Certification Primary Course from INFACT

Register for the FREE Introduction Course NEW! IN 101: A free Introduction Course:  A 2-hour course Introducing the Infact School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment; dates coming soon. IN101: Dates coming soon: Course Description: A short online virtual course for all interested in our work: Register for our FREE Introduction Course

Food Addiction Professional Treatment I Course

Certified Food Addiction Professional Treatment I

Register for Certified Food Addiction Professional Treatment I Treatment I:  A 28-hour course on the Infact School outpatient treatment part I. LEARN BY PARTICIPATION! Here we explore the reality of what treatment can look like.  We will observe and follow an outpatient treatment workbook, exploring seminar setups and inpatient options.  This is the second course…