INFACT 6 day Intensive & Training at Hotel Kriunes, Kopavogur, Iceland

May 3-8 2020 Iceland awaits you
Alongside lectures and assignments, participants in this six‐day intensive and training will have the opportunity to learn by doing, through active participation. Gain first‐hand knowledge of what Food Addiction treatment is like.

Establishment of abstinence will be our highest  priority, along with learning the tools necessary for  continued recovery.  Students will be introduced to models for Infact/MFM outpatient treatment, Time will be allotted for discussion among INFACT students.
Consistent with actual Food Addiction treatment,  INFACT students are asked to refrain from outside interruptions:  no telephones, T.V.s, computers or unrelated books during training and lecture hours.

 Esther Helga  Gudmundsdottir (MFM, INFACT); Marty Lerner, PhD. (Milestones,  USA).  Other teachers will teach through online Zoom connection.

Kitchen and food support: 
Abstinent food will be provided on site.

Lodging is not included but we do suggest everyone stay at Hotel Kriunes, where there is a possibility for single and shared accommodations. Please make arrangements with the hotel individually:

Food Plan/abstinence:
 An abstinence‐based food  plan will be suggested which excludes sugar, starches  and all foods and eating patterns which trigger the pleasure centers in the brain. Each participant will be individually assessed before the intensive for appropriate measures regarding their abstinence plan.
Please notify Esther Helga of any special dietary needs so efforts can be made to accommodate them.

Daily agenda:
7:00am ………. Wake‐up, exercise, personal care
8:00am ………. BREAKFAST (gentle, slow and silent guided eating)
9:00am ………. Lesson
12pm/Noon … LUNCH
1:00pm ………. Food Addiction lectures and education
4:00pm ………. Silent time for completion of writing  assignments
6:00pm ………. DINNER
7:30pm ………. Evening Group