Agnes Thora Gudmundsdottir Agnes Thora Gudmundsdottir, Food Addiction Counselor and treatment facilitator from Iceland.

Agnes Thora has worked part time as a Food Addiction Counselor at the MFM Food Addiction Treatment Center in Iceland, since 2006. Her specialty is teaching and cooking delicious abstinent food for Food Addiction Recovery, for students and clients from around the world.

Agnes Thora is one of the founders and a board-member of Matarheill, a rights movement for food addicts in Iceland. She is a food addict in recovery with the help of a 12 step program since 2004.

Education and work experience:

13 years at the Icelandic Heart Association as a Radiographer and Researcher.

The last 4 years at The National University Hospital of Iceland (Landspítali), full time as a Radiographer / Sonographer. Education:

2017 INFACT, International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment: A Certified Food Addiction Counselor.

2012 Ráðgjafaskóli Íslands, The Icelandic School of Addictions Studies: A Certified Addiction Counselor.

2008-2011 MFM / ACORN / FAI: MFM: Food Addiction Center / ACORN: Food Dependency Recovery Services / FAI: Food Addiction Institute: International Professional Training as Food Addiction Counselor.

2003 Radiologist B.Sc from the Technical University of Iceland.